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CHURCH Newsletter – October, 2021

Pastor Corey Shaffer

Members of One Body in Christ,

Let me ask you one simple question.

How well do you deal with the milestones in your life and in the lives of others?

               For milestones, we can predict some blessings and hardships that will accompany the various ages and stages of life (like the joyous freedom or fear of a teenage driver getting her license), but we never fully know how those times will change us for better or for worse. Life throws curve balls like puberty and heartache for sure, but life also surprises us with great joy, painful loss, and unpredicted division. Many people will have similar experiences over similar ages and stages of life, but they often don’t happen at the same time. Or, we aren’t connected together when it would help us most. Trying to identify and minister at these milestones to build up members of the body can be intentional.

For ourselves, we often do well with routines. The problem with milestones is that they throw off our routines, and it can take us a while to settle into a new rhythm. Milestones are always more complicated than we would expect. What can be so hard about the kids going off to college, or what can be so hard about retirement? In themselves, these milestones aren’t so hard. The hard part is often how we stay connected in our faith walk and how we use our time in Godly ways. Often God gets a back seat.

For others, we often send a card or buy a gift for celebrations, but we rarely take time to share the joys and challenges of marriage with them. Likewise, when someone has a child, gets baptized, confirmed, graduated, etc. You don’t know how particular events and hardships are affecting the people you care about because you aren’t coming alongside them in life, and we aren’t coming alongside people because we don’t want to be invasive. What if there was a way to show we care and create space for healthy relationships, benevolent mentoring, and faith-filled growth?

Well, there is …

Milestone Ministry is just what it sounds like. Our church will intentionally provide ministry opportunities for the most common milestones in life. Think of milestones as markers on the road of life. Various ages and stages have similarities. Some of those stages will happen to everyone, and some will only happen to a select few people. People who have recently been through milestones in life will be encouraged to share their experience with those who are presently going through the milestone (or who are preparing to go through it). Biblical principles will be the foundation of this entire program. Get connected by attending any Milestone Ministry event—even if it doesn’t seem to apply to you.

Deaconess Ashley Wenndt

Colder temperatures, sweaters, falling leaves, and pumpkins. All of these tell us that Fall and October are here. October is a fun month with plenty of events happening in the community and in the church.

Fall Retreat: Trinity will be hosting a one-day retreat on Columbus Day (Monday, October 11th) at the grand Lester Hall in Camp Alexander (YMCA). There will be 3 different sessions and dinner. Each session stands alone (as a Mini Retreat), so you can pick the time that is most convenient to you. Looking for something longer, we will also have Half-day and Full-day options since each session will be different. The cost is $15 for Members of Trinity and $20 for Non-Members. See the October list for Milestone Ministry (attached); the bottom of page 1 (and the top of page 2) list the themes, options, and times.

Come, rest, rejuvenate, and reflect on your personal and corporate relationship with God.

Candy for the Troops: This is a fun campaign to show our support for the troops! Starting on October 26th (also known as the “Day of the Deployed”) and going through November 11th (“Veterans Day”), we will be collecting candy. As Halloween approaches and passes, we encourage you and your children to pick out their favorite candy or a certain number of their favorite candy and then give the rest to the campaign (where you will receive a gift for donating). We will also include thank you letters and notes of encouragement when we send the candy to the troops. Donations will be gathered in the narthex.

Kids a-Maze: On Sunday, October 31st, from 3:00 to 9:00 p.m., the church parsonage will be having an aMazing time! As our gift to the community, there will be a free maze in the backyard of the parsonage for kids to do. Invite your friends to join you before or after Trick or Treating, and tell them to grab a hot dog and some hot apple cider, or you can warm-up by the firepit. Come as you are, costume or not! The Village of Port Edwards has agreed to close the parking lot (alley) behind the church for safety. If you don’t see many Trick or Treaters, you’re also welcome to bring your candy to the parking lot to be “Passin’ Out at the Parsonage” as people come and go!

We look forward to seeing you at these events as we grow in fellowship and reach the community!