Pastor Corey Shaffer’s Newsletter

The Epistle of James

James was the brother of the Lord, and he became an important leader in the Church in Jerusalem. His book has numerous similarities to the teachings of Jesus. We will be looking at these connections as we work through the entire book of James in the first four weeks of September. Add wisdom to your prayers for this month, as we listen to practical solutions to issues that challenge congregations. In all things, we may strive for obedience to God’s Will, but we can never forget that we are still sinners who make mistakes. God’s people hurt one another all the time. Be willing to confess your faults to your parents, your kids, and your friends. Doing so will set a good example for them to do likewise, but (even more so) will be the foundation for the forgiveness that follows. And don’t skip that part by saying “it’s okay” when someone admits to sin, error, and failure. Sometimes things are okay, but strive to use the word “forgiveness” in the daily language of your home. When troubles come, abide in the love and patience of our heavenly Father, rejoice in His good gifts and salvation, and trust in His forgiveness.

In Christ,


Deaconess Deliveries

We’re back! And with our new Pastor we have been looking ahead and making plans for Trinity! I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know about the opportunities that will be available to you starting in September!

Sunday School: Sunday mornings after church we will start our Education Hour. We will be using the Answers in Genesis “Answers Bible Curriculum”. During this time, we will work through the Bible, learn more about our faith, and learn apologetics (how to defend our faith in the world today) through reading the Bible, videos, activities, and discussion. Different age levels will all learn the same lesson which opens up conversation at home with the whole family! September 12th is the first day!

Men’s Bible Study: On the last Monday of the month at 6 pm there is a Men’s Bible Study for the congregation (and visitors too!) The topics and series vary but the discussion and fellowship are also great! The first study will be September 27th.

Women’s Bible Study: Every Tuesday I will be offering a Women’s Bible study at 9am. We enjoy a treat, fellowship, and dig into God’s Word. We will be working through a book of the Bible that is yet to be determined. All women are welcome to join in starting September 7th!

Adult Bible Study: Pastor will continue with the Adult Bible study at 10am. Anyone is welcome to join and have a fun learning about God, His Word, and the faith. Come and join in starting September 8th. The topic of the Bible study is still being planned out.

Milestone Ministries: There will also be a class offered most Wednesdays after church from 7 to 8pm. It could be a Theology class on a specific topic or it could be a Milestone Ministry event (such as 1st Communion, graduation, new parents, empty nest) that we would celebrate with you as the church. These classes will be for people of different ages and stages in life! Pastor or I will be leading the classes and will let you know which classes are coming so you can come to them based on your interest and relevance to your life. We will start on September 8th with an overview of Milestone Ministries for anyone who wants to attend.

That is a small glimpse into some wonderful opportunities to grow and have fellowship with one another and the community. Keep you eyes and ears open for other opportunities that will arise throughout the year also!

I pray that everyone had a safe and restful summer and we look forward to seeing you throughout the week!

If you have any thoughts or questions, please feel free to contact me!


In Christ,

Deaconess Ashley



A quick note from Pastor Corey …

Summer is here, and so is your new pastor!

You’ll always notice a few changes with someone new at the helm, but I pray that your ability to worship and receive the gifts of God remain unwavering in this transition. Summer is a good time to shift gears, so let me give you some heads up on a few things that you can expect to be different.

First, I understand that the Wednesday and Sunday services have been basically the same service with the same liturgical elements, readings, songs, and sermon. Most of that will stay the same! The services will remain two day/time options for the same service, and you are welcome to attend either service to hear the Word of God be preached and to receive the sacraments; however, the sermon message will not remain the same. Sunday will usually have a regular sermon on one or more of the lessons, a thematic message, or a sermon series. Wednesday, however, will not have one long message. Instead, I plan to unpack each reading with a mini message. I plan to do this series of mini messages through July and possibly longer (after I can better evaluate the attempt and process feedback).

But, what if you want to hear both the mini messages (from Wed) and the longer sermon (from Sun)? Well, you basically have three options: (1) You can catch them live by coming in-person; (2) you can view a recording on YouTube, which can be accessed through our Church Website; or, (3) you can attend a rebroadcasting of the Wednesday lessons on Sunday mornings at 10:30 am in the fellowship area of our church basement. For those who do Not use the internet but who want to see and hear about the eNews from Trinity (such as videos that are posted on YouTube), a fellowship opportunity called “Not eNews” will occur weekly in the place of Sunday School (which is taking a break over the Summer). Disclaimer: While no technical knowledge of computers or social media is necessary, attendees will be exposed to the humors of the web.

Second, I understand that the Wednesday service has been less formal. I am also a less-formal kind of person, so I will be coming to Wednesday services in comfortable clothes throughout the Summer (and maybe longer)! Feel free to come in whatever floats your boat too. Adults (especially parents) are welcome to establish their own dress code for their family. Like it or not, that’s what being “in the world” means for the rest of us.

Considering that I’ve only been in the office two days so far, these two changes should suffice for now!

Blessings in the Name of Jesus,

Pastor Corey Shaffer