August, 2019

Not Goodbye!!! BUT……. See you later!
Wow, my last newsletter to my brothers and sisters in Christ at Trinity!
I want to thank all of you for the many ways you allowed me to be your pastor. I enjoy all that that word means. If you look up the meaning of the word, you will find; “A Spiritual Overseer, herdsman”. You gave me the privilege of sharing the Word of God with you week after week and be the celebrant of our Lord’s Body and Blood. Ways in which God allowed me to be His under-shepherd here at Trinity. Also ways in which we were fed and grew together as God’s children and as a family here at Trinity.
During the 20 years I have been here, I’ve baptized children and watched them grow up. I have confirmed young people in faith and have even performed their marriages. We have had many celebrations of life which have brought tears of sadness, and tears of joy as we know we will see all who died in faith again in heaven! I have made many hospital visits and shared some of my “best???” jokes. I have learned from and been ministered to by our shut-ins as shared God’s Word and communion with them.
But most of all, as a family, we lived through a few trials, have realized a few dreams, and by God’s grace and blessings have grown in our faith and our outreach to those around us with the love of Christ.
While I am leaving you, there is one who remains constant: Jesus Christ. Jesus has been here from the beginning, and will be with you for the rest of time. That is His promise. As God continues to guide you through the power of the Holy Spirit, you, God’s children at Trinity, will always have a mission. It may not look like the church/mission we have today, (a good thing), as the world and our families’ needs change each day.
Your passion for our Lord and Savior will see you through, and continue to lead you in the future as it has since Trinity had it’s beginnings in Port. God’s ways are not our ways, and His overall plan is not easy for us to see or understand! His leading is not always an easy path to follow, but we follow knowing that He is the one leading! He is the one who has made the path, walked the path, and has come back to lead us along it. And those times when the way is challenging, He carries us in His never ending Grace and Love!
I know our futures are bright as they are secure in the love and Grace of God! So I share with you what is called the Mizpah blessing!
“The Lord watch between me and thee while we are absent one from the other.”
I will see you later! If not here on earth, it will be forever, praising God with you once again, in the perfection of heaven!
Take Care in God’s rich Grace, and never-ending love!
Pastor Dan